Jet - Sgt Major Text Guitar Tab

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Intro - A

A  					G#
Wake up major and stitch on your hat
F#							E
You fell out of bed, and then you landed in the cache
D                      A
So whats in your diary today?
A							G#
Call on your main man, what can he do for you?
F#							E
Hang out with stupid, so you can tell him what to do
D                   A         
Major, this is your day

C#       D          A       E             D
Livin' alone in a jar never gets you very far

A                               C#
He can read your mind, make you feel alright 
     D     A              E
Sgt. Major knows what you want
A                               C#
He knows who you are, one day you'll be a star
    D      A             E
Sgt Major knows what you want

A						G# 
Take out your paper and throw it all away
F#						E
Everything is useless ain't got a lot to say
D		    A	
Major this is your way

A						G#
The major is drowning 'cause he opened his mouth
F#						       E
He starts to explain it, but nothing's coming out
D		    A
Major what can you say?

C#              D            A   
I hope that you like who you are
C#		 D	  A 	    E		   D
Cause livin' alone in a jar never gets you very far

Repeat chorus

I know that you think that you made it
I know what I meant to say
While you looked in the mirror 
I was getting away
For you there is there is nothing to say


Then play D, A, E till the end