Joe Ely - All Just To Get To You Text Guitar Tab

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Basic chord progression:
  Gb    B    B    B    B    Gb   B    B    B

(the number of measures changes a bit throughout the song, but it
remains just Gb and B)

There's only two changes, one at the "If I could close my eyes" line:
  Bbm    Ebm    B     B

and one at the "It's as close as I get to love" line:
  Bbm   Db    B        Bbm   Db    B        B

The solo looks like this:
(played over one time through the basic progression, and one time
through the first change)

s=slide  h=hammer on
/----repeat 4 times----\
(You can also tune down one fret and play open chords, where Gb=G, B=C,
Bbm=Bm, Ebm=Em, and Db=D.  The solo is just played one half-step down)

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