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Date: Sat, 08 Jun 1996 10:18:20 CDT
From: John D De Leon 


Sunshine On My Shoulders
by John Denver
from John Denver's Greatest Hits Volume 1
Tabbed by John De Leon

  Capo up 3 frets


e  ----------3-----------------3-------|
B  --------------0---0H1-----------1---|
G  ------0-----------------0-----------|
D  ------------------------------------|
A  ------------------3-----------------|
E  --3---------------------------------|

   This is repeated for the intro and also for the chorus, except for
   when you reach the word 'cry'.  I like to play:

e  ------------------------------3---2--|
B  --------------1-----------1----------|
G  ----------0-----------2--------------|
D  ------2-----------0------------------|
A  --0----------------------------------|
E  -------------------------------------|


        I usually play this tablature through the first chorus, but when
        I reach the verse I play the chords which have been posted. I do
        play slightly different C chord (310230).

John D De Leon