eBGDAE1=100442Intro3456Verse 1Carried through the road so far alone15131310137101310138910Days glue themselves to what is wrong 15171819181119181918121314PreChorusAnd soon the hills will swallow us up18171817151817181516131718Plans will pass her 108151917151320Chorus21222324Land on the walls is laid out 17182018191725191826I know you're in pain17151715271328Train for the cause is staying down 17182018191729191830It plays you out 17151715311332Fall out of love again 13111011331010Your dreams all end 734681063536Fall out of love again 865637531Your dreams all end 338135313940Fall out of love again 10111011411010Your dreams all end 742681064344Fall out of love again10111011451010Your dreams all end 7466853147Your dreams all…10…end...48Outro1315171849(15)155051Change tuning (R)