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eBGDAE1Intro=1054423456789Verse 1I don't need a ride to arrive222425521011I don't feel approached any time222420091213Chorus 1If you feel a fader on a decli---1010101012109955914---ine109715Out of all you've ever been101010121099And you won't need…5510…time,1697you never need time510109717Verse 2I don't need this every God22202021819You see every ghost am I22242092021Chorus 2Have we found a phone to be out o---1010101210995922---of109723Transfer all your thoughts to me101010121099And you won't need…5510…love,2497we don't need love5109725Verse 3I don't need this sin to go22202022627Down to where all forever flow222422092829Chorus 3Every fate released is revealed slo---10101012109995930---ow109731Never talking back to me101010121099And say it out…510…loud,321097say it out loud510109733OutroI feel this cold954534I…5…never stay,35975and I never go ho--45974---ome5362371254938I never stay,539975and I never go ho---45974---ome540210414243444546474849
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