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eBGDAE1IntroOkay? (Yes, thank you)=74442243Verse 1Look at me577444525Who am I supposed to be?20225256Who am I supposed to be?20225257Look at me5778529What am I supposed to be?202252510What am I supposed to be?202257711ChorusLook at me1012121210713Oh, my love47421415Oh, my love47421617Verse 2Here I am577185219What am I supposed to do?202252520What am I supposed to do?202252521Here I am577225223What can I do for you?202252524What can I do for you?202257725ChorusHere I am1012122610727Oh, my love47422829Oh, my love474230Look at me4573132Oh, please look at me2245733my love9234ChorusHere I am1012123510736Oh, my love47423738Verse 3Who am I?577395240Nobody knows but me20252541Nobody knows but me20252542Who am I?577435244Nobody else can see20252545Just you and me202746ChorusWho are we?1012124710748Oh, my love47424950Oh, my love47425152Oh, my love404253=58Change tuning (R)
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