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John Mark McMillan
My Only
From "Hope Anthology Volume 1" and re-released on "The Medicine"
Tabbed by thatchadmiller (Twitter)

**To get the proper sound for the rhythm guitar, play this capo 7 in the C 
position (hit transpose up 5 half steps to get the chords)**

When you play it Capo 7, leave the E string open on the three chords 
throughout the verse to get that sound you hear on "The Medicine" version. 

Here it is in standard G position for the lead guitar and bass, no capo.

Intro x2: 
G - D/F# - A 

Verse 1
G        D/F#   A                         G              D/F#             A
All day long,    we are sinking just like stones into the shadow of Your kindness
G        D/F#   A                              G              
In this shade,    between the wingspan of Your face is
         D/F#                A
the only place where we can bed these burdens down (so I)

Bm7     A         G              Bm7       A         G 
Lift my   eyes up   to the hills...  Who is   gonna      help me now?

Em7       D/F#  G         A     G         A    G
You're my only, You're my only, You're my only hope


Verse 2
G      D/F#   A                      G           D/F#             A
Tangled up,    in the great ridiculous, way You love. It is the only way to live.
G           D/F#   A                              G              
There's no escape,   when You look at me that way
                D/F#          A
Staring  like a deer into the headlights of Your praises (so I)

Pre - Chorus

Chorus 2
Em7       D/F#  G         A     G         A     G
You're my only, You're my only, You're my only hope
G          A   Bm7         E7     G         A    Bm7
You're my only, You're my only, You're my only hope

        G             D/F#     A
and You come like the sun with pockets full of redemption
         G            D/F#           A
and You come with the sun, with the sun

Main riff

this position works better for me

This is the backbone of the entire song. Play around with some lead parts 
during the verses in the D major scale and get creative!

If you have any input or corrections, check out my blog for more info and 
let me know if you have any songs you need help with. God bless!