eBGDAEB1Intro=7344234567891011121312914151617VerseI am love,979I am hate97918I'm an atheist9101210with faith97199Vent my anger9910121220with a smile9721I'm polite979or obscene97922Either whisper977or I scream9752310I'm not quite what I seem101010121224I'm somewhere in between575452572627VerseI am young9799in my old age97928I am calm9101210or in a rage97299I'm your friend9910121230or enemy9731A pacifist979or at war97932I am rich91012but I am poor1097331010I'm all extremes1010121234I'm nowhere in between5754535736379Wide awake799Or in a dream97938Nowhere in9799between739Like the pulse9799of a machine97940I'm driven9799to extremes7414243129129I feel the turmoil boil in me12912912912912912944129129I'm neither healthy nor diseased12912912915121512151245Solo464748499I am 7507all extremes912519But I'm 997529still in between99531211Say right(11)½911549or say wrong1211½9551211Outcast yet95611I belong(11)½79571211I'm high or (11)½91158I'm dry9125912119Say I am weak yet I am14601211961strong96263In between12912912964In between12912912915126566676869707111I am my alter ego9797977211I am subconsciously9797973In depth but also shallow1197979774Or somewhere in between11979797576Oh 911I know779787I am10979VerseAlways first9797in line or last97980I swim with sharks9101210or drown with rats97819I'll defend9910121282as I attack9783My world and yours7979are not the same797984I am in 971210a different lane978510I am not where I seem1010101212865But I'm somewhere in between575458778889129I seek revenge129107129129As I forgive12910712990129I die to live1291071297ah991Not afraid but129107129129scared to death12910712992I don't fit in1291291071297ah79394959697129In between12912912998all extremes12912999Change tuning (R)