Jump Little Children - Mexico Text Guitar Tab

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This is such a great song and easy to play so hit it up...


---1---2---1---4---|  Repeat


---1---2---1---4---6---2---1---4---|  Repeat
"I won't let you go"
"I won't let you leave..."
"I won't set you free..." (only play once)


"But if you're gonna to leave
I'm askin' you to please
Go all the way to Mexico"
"But if you're gonna go
Take the ones you gave to me
All the way to Mexico"
"But if you're gonna go
I'm givin' you the key
Only if you'll go to Mexico"


---6---2---1---4---6---2---1---4---|  Repeat
"All the way to the shore of California Bay
And I'll be fine
'Cause I am takin' you back for the last time"

I suggest listening to the song a few times to figure out the stumming pattern, it's 
simple and energetic.  Hope you guys like it! ~~ Nikki