Kasabian - Rewired Text Guitar Tab

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rhythm is the most important, just hear it in the song.
this tab is more acoustic but I like it. and it's mine.

E ------------------------|
B ------------------------|
G ------------------------|
D -9----7----5----777777--|
A -9-x6-7-x6-5-x6-777557--|   (x6 is only a number of repeats, play more or
E -7----5----3----777777--|     fewer as it suits you)

"I feel like the time has come (...)"


I usually improvise while playing this part
but it doesn't sound bad while you're singing.

E ------------------------|
B ------------------------|
G -------------99xx9------|
D -99-xx-77-xx-99xx9------|
A -99-xx-77-xx-77xx7------|
E -77-xx-55-xx------------|

"Hit me! (xx) harder! (xx) I'm getting re-wired! (...)"


put all your power there.

E -------------------------|
B -------------------------|
G -9-12-14-----------------|
D -9-12-14-----------------|   (play the first chord about 8 times, second
A -7-10-12-----------------|    about 4 and the third about 2 or how it
E -------------------------|    suits you)

"Gonna light'em up with you! (...)"

(end on this chord:)
E -------------------------|
B -------------------------|
G -9-----------------------|
D -9-----------------------|
A -7-----------------------|
E -------------------------|

then repeat verse/middle/chours.
after the second chours a part with trumpets etc. appears, then Serge is singing, ending 
on the epic "ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah";
I play there something like this:

E -------------------------|
B -------------------------|
G -9----/10----------------|
D -9-x14/10----------------|
A -7----/8-----------------|
E -------------------------|

then the part "Who made you the master (...)" is repeated, as well as middle and chours.
End on repeating the intro part.

E -------------------------|
B -------------------------|
G -------------------------|
D -9----7----5----777777-9-|
A -9-x6-7-x6-5-x6-777557-9-|
E -7----5----3----777777-7-|

Serge, live forever.