Kelly Clarkson - Moment Like This Text Guitar Tab

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sup dudes, this is the first tab im contributing to the community! still am n00b but
hope yu guys enjoy it! :)

il start with the fill-ins :
there has to be 2 guitars playing this song. so the one playing the fill ins plays this.

                          be..     agree..      before..
*softly played
 |-5h6-3-----------| this is played at the end of the first chorus
 |-----------| this is played after the first line in the second verse

now heres the intro :

The guy playing this has to CAPO on the 1st fret.
    Dm7       Bbsus2     Gm7       C2
 |---2-----|-------3-|-------3-|---0---0-|   x3
                                ends at would you agree?...

its almost a feeling that we've...
    Dm7       Bbsus2    F/A        Gm7
 |---2-----|-------3-|---2-----|-------3-|   x1
 |-0-------|---3-----|-3-------|---3-----| the guitar plucking kinds of dies 
 |---------|-1-------|---------|---------| out after this.. 

its probably strumming onwards after this.. except for the slight fill ins.

there yu go!
if u find any errors or updates please mail me at, and rate it! thanks :))