eBGDAE1=9844234Intro5678910111213Verse 1141516171819202122Pré-Chorus 1 2324252627282930Chorus 1 "In the Darkness we8888831 live our life"787323334 "In the Darkness we8888835 live our life"787363738Pré-Verse3940414243Verse 2444546474849505152Pré-Chorus 25354555657585960Chorus 2 "In the Darkness we8888861 live our life"787626364 "In the Darkness we8888865 live our life"787666768Break6970717273747576Solo !!!77787980818283Break 284858687 But I can't25788 Never e- ver did I 25757589dance I5290Don't have a chance337591Chorus 3 I take a step888892 Oh I try my best7778793 I stumble into the88888894shelves with all the jars10108879596979899 "In the Darkness we88888100 live our life"787101102103 "In the Darkness we88888104 live our life"787105106107Final108109110111112