eBGDAE1(all lyrics by me,Pedro Ziese)=89442345Hey Hey Hey Hey Yeah530356Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Yeah530307Hey Hey Hey Hey Yeah530358Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Yeah530309Stand up22you dont have to be afraid030303010Get down22love is like a hurricane030303011Streetboy22though i never could be tamed030303012better beleve it3202013Gilty22till im proven innocent030303014whipash22heavy metal accident030303015rock on22i wanna be president0030303016cause i love it222217Loud2i wanna hear it loud55242418right between the eyes2255719loud7i wanna hear it loud552424dont want24020no comprimise225572122Turn it up222hungry for the midicine030303023two fisted222till the very end0303024no more22treated like aliens030030025we're not gonna take it3202026no lies22no more alibis0003027turn it up22got my hipnotized0003028rock on22wont be tranqualized0003029cause i love it222230Loud2i wana hear it loud55242431right between the eyes2255732loud7i wanna hear it loud552424dont want24033no comprimise2255734cause i love it77735Loud7i wanna hear it loud55242436right between the eyes2255737loud7i wanna hear it loud552424dont want24038no comprimise225573940Hey Hey Hey Hey Yeah5303541Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Yeah5303042Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Yeah5303543Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Yeah5303044Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Yeah5303545Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Yeah5303046Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Yeah5303547Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Yeah Yo53035554849505152Headline22jungle is the only rule030303053frontpage22roar of the nations cool0003054turn it up445this is my attitude55553055take it or leave it3202056Loud2i wanna hear it loud55242457right between the eyes22557i love it77758Loud7i wanna hear it loud552424don't want24059no comprimise2255760i love it777Loud7i wanna55261hear it loud424right between the eyes2255762i love it777Loud7i wanna55263hear it loud424don't want no comprimise2402255764i love it77765Loud7i wanna hear it loud55242466right between the eyes22557i love it77767loud7i wanna hear it loud552424don't want24068no comprimise2255769i love it777Loud7i wanna hear it loud55270424right between the eyes2255771i love it777loud7i wanna55272hear it loud4242don't want no comprimise4022557737475535765577202578Hey Hey Hey53079Hey Yeah35Hey Hey Hey53080Hey Yeah30Hey Hey Hey53081Hey Yeah35Hey Hey Hey53082Hey Yeah308384