dAFCGDA1Intro=98442345Verse 1=986789Feeding the fall0322I can't help but desire…22100322of falling 2112212down this time 20013Deep in this hole0322am I making I can't escape 22140322215Falling all this time 221624217Chorus 1We come to this place=982333183Falling through time 33319Living a hollow life 4333205½3321Always we're taking 2333223Waiting for signs 333234Hollow life 5½243325Verse 2=983326332733283329Fearing to fall 0322And still the ground below me calls…22300322231Falling down this time 223220033Ripping apart0322all these things I have tried to stop22340322235Falling all this time 223624237Chorus 2We come to this place=982333383Falling through time 33339Living a hollow life 4333405½3341Always we're taking 2333423Waiting for signs 333434Hollow life 5½443345Post-chorusIs there ever any wonder =98111111111146Why we look to the sky 13553047Searching space 53048Asking why? 53149All alone 300½50Where is God? 53051Looking down 53152We don't know 31353InterludeWe fall in space =98353154We can't look down 353055Death may come 53056Peace I have found 353157What to say 53058Am I alive? 53159Am I asleep 353160Or have I died? 353161We fall in space 353162We can't look down 353063Death may come 53064Peace I have found 353165What to say 53066Am I alive? 53167Am I asleep 353168Or have I died? 31369Chorus 3We come to this place=982333703Falling through time 33371Living a hollow life 4333725½3373Always we're taking 2333743Waiting for signs 333754Hollow life 5½763377Post-chorusIs there ever any wonder =98111111111178Why we look to the sky 13553079Searching space 53080Asking why? 53181All alone 300½82Where is God? 53083Looking down 53184We don't know 31385Is there ever any wonder =98111111111186Why we look to the sky 13553087Searching space 53088Asking why? 53189All alone 300½90Where is God? 53091Looking down 53192We don't know 31393OutroWe fall in space 353194We can't look down 353095Death may come 53096Peace I have found 353197