Standard (EADGBE)

Verse 1

You ask me if i'm happy now

That's good as any joke i've heard

It seems since i've seen you last

I've done forgotten the meening of the words

If happiness is empty rooms

And drinkin' in the afternoon

Well i suppose i'm happy as a clown

But if it's got a thing to do

With smilin' of forgettin' you

Well i don't guess that i could say i am


Did you ever see a darling out a waken up alone

Without a blanket on to keep him from the dew

When the water from the weeds that sop the paper

He's been puttin' in his shoes to keep the ground from comin' through

And his future feels as empty as the pocket in his pants

Because he's never seen a single dream come true

That's the way that i've been feelin' since the day i started fallen

From the bottle to the bottom stew by stew

Learnin' hard to live with losin' you

Verse 2

You wonder if i'm better off

With freedom now to do the things i choose

With all my times my own and

I got nothin' left but sleepin' time to lose

There's no one here to carry on

If i stay out the whole night lone

Give a thinker's damn if i don't call

I'm livin' like i wanted you

And doin' things i wanna do

And nothin' means a things to me at all