Capo 1st fret

Standard (EADGBE)


(1st one almost a capella)

If your feeling salty,then i'm your tequila

If you've got the freedom then i've got the time

There ain't nothing sweeter than naked emotions

So you show me yours and i'll show you mine

Verse 1

Now mam i know this ain't all that you've ever been used to

You with your rings on your fingers and time on your hands

Sometimes it's nice to have somebody nice to be close to

I know i've been there before you and i understand


Verse 2

I know that i'm not the answer to all of your questions

Lord knows you know you wish you were the answer to mine

But darling if you ain't a thing but a change in direction

God knows i know you'll be someone i'm lucky to find


So you show me yours and i'll show you mine.

Thanks to David M. Potter for the lyrics.

Perret Charles-Amir.