Standard (EADGBE)


Hey baby

I’m sitting here lonely,

Goin’ crazy,

Hopin’ that there’s a chance that

Maybe, oh baby, you could drop on by


You don’t have to give me any warnin’,

Make it tonight, make it early mornin’,

Oh darlin, just drop on by

I don’t have a clue where you might be

Up town or just down the street in some smokey bar,

Oh, I’m a-longin’ for you, can’t help myself

Sendin out my s.o.s, wherever you are,

Oh, honey,

I just want your love, I don’t need your money

You can turn my gray skies warm and sunny,

Oh honey, would ya drop on by


Oh you and this bottle of warm red wine

Are both workin’ on my mind, and I need ya now

To fill this emptiness in my soul,

Boy if you were here I’d never let go

No way no how,

Hey sugar,

I know if we could get back together

We could make this night last forever

Oh sugar, would ya drop on by

Just drop on by

Drop on by

Oh baby, drop on by