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eBGDAE1=9544234567Verse 1Dopeman74Dopeman74got another big plan4477484to sell it to you or anyone he can444454447449cos this is much better than minimum wage7777777779710no matter how things work he's still gonna get4444455477411PAID!7Think about it for a minute more777777797124its either work at McDonalds or the corner store444455477413A quick drug fix, make a deal or two77777777if a decision77145comes down, what would you do?4777715Chorus 1You take, take a welfare state56575165or a dopemans fate66575175keep the cycle 657518spinning round and . . .655719Verse 2Dopeman, dopeman, got the upper hand747444774204people wanna get as much as they can44445444744421take his reasons they will always stay the same77777777797224for some people its the only way to stay444455477423SANE! Think about it for a minute more7777777797244a life of crime or hanging round the liquor store4444554774257quick drug fix, make a deal or two77777777726when a decision comes down, what would you do?54777727Chorus 25Take a welfare state6575285or a dopemans fate66575295keep the cycle spinning round and .…6575…. 30655731Breakdown32333435363738a decision comes down, what would you do?54777739Chorus 35take, take a welfare state6575405or a dopemans fate66575415keep the cycle657542spinning round and . . .655743OutroDopeman, dopeman747444Dopeman, dopeman747445Dopeman, dopeman747446Dopeman, dopeman, Dope dopeman!=977474885747Dopeman, dopeman, got another big=9874744477548Dopeman, dopeman, got another big=10074744477549Dopeman, dopeman, got another big=10074744477550Dopeman, dopeman, got another big=10074744477551plan=95552Change tuning (R)
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