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eBGDAE1=1704423Verse 1(Chris) It seems I can't explain it all888488855½5All the reasons gone55658667I just can't seem to shake86586888what I was brought up on59868full10and its5611Bridgetime to say868and it's5612time to explain8868513that everything I know88868514been feeling strange86815I guess we'll555816always have tradition8556175to fall back8186on . . .6619Riff 120212223242526Traditions…6…seem to stick27Chorus 185866628Traditions seem to stick85866629Traditions seem to stick to you858685630Traditions seem to stick631858666328Traditions seem to stick586663385Traditions seem to stick to you86856348just like krazy glue886635Verse 2But what the hell886836am I supposed to…885…do?3786838Am I just88398going to accept6586408541someone else's point of view?8658642yeah8well we could843Bridge 28ramble8854486on and on8645and we could ramble8885468on and on6847and still not know54885496and still…6…not know506851Middle 88(Rodger) Just what keeps84852running through my brain98465345455It just keeps84856running like a984457non stop6658freight train ye-ah!646859It's that traditions stick to you8486098466146263Just like8464Just like8465Crazy6666Crazy6667OutroGlue . . .64686970kra - a - azy645671glue . . .64727374(Chris)675Traditions seem to stick85866676Traditions seem to stick85866677Traditions seem to stick to you858685678679Traditions seem to stick858666808Traditions seem to stick5866681Traditions seem to stick to you858685682683Traditions seem to stick85866684Traditions seem to stick858666858Traditions seem to stick to you586856868just like crazy886687glue6Change tuning (R)
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