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eBGDAE1=200(Chris)And I77442Intro Chorusswear6It's the last time67634And I swear7746It's my last try67652fullAnd we'll776walk in circles around this whole block666667674248Walk on the cracks of the same old sidewalks666667694742106And we'll talk6411about leaving town4442412And we'll talk about leaving667137647I714swear6It's the last time676154And I swear77166It's my last try . . .676172full181920Verse 1(Chris)We drove across9999219that bridge all night998228we talked our88239way through city lights8119924Traced all the lines999925We're killing time999826under those 88827buzzing signs9811From1428downtown139to anywhere92999but here99308tonight, yeah i swear831981111329to those rooftops9119339and just hope that car9934888will never stop835911(Rodger)14And I9936Chorus 1swear9It's the last time999377And I swear99389It's my last try9109395fullAnd we'll9940walk in circles around this whole block999991094175742Walk on the cracks of the same old sidewalks9999910943797449And we'll talk9745about leaving town7775746And we'll talk about leaving99104710979I948swear9It's the last time999497And I swear99509It's my last try . . .9109515full52Verse 2(Chris)We drove around9999539this place all night998548past closed signs88559and familiar sights8119956We're moving by999957Passing time99858counting those88859centre lines9811With1460twenty thousand1399961lines left to999762gothat lead to888963somewhere I don't know8911649It might be96965the time1113that966we8leave it all behind8867109(Rodger)5And I9968Chorus 2swear9It's the last time999697And I swear99709It's my last try9109715fullAnd we'll9972walk in circles around this whole block999991097375774Walk on the cracks of the same old sidewalks9999910975797769And we'll talk9777about leaving town7775778And we'll talk about leaving99107910979I980swear9It's the last time999817And I swear99829It's my last try . . .9109835full84Breakdown85868788899091(Chris)And792there's been a few times6676934that we7694thought it felt right6769542to take7696the7697west bound signs424and just leave town tonight986(Rodger, with his own recorded…7…harmony)99642And I9999100Chorus 3swear79It's the last time79997910157And I swear999910279It's my last try79910791034½5fullAnd we'll9999104walk in circles around this whole block797979797991079105574557106Walk on the cracks of the same old sidewalks79797979799107910757995710879And we'll talk7957109about leaving town5757574557110And we'll talk about…7979910…leaving111910795799I99112swear79It's the last time79997911357And I swear999911479It's my last try . . .799107911545full116Outro79117118119120121(Rodger)And I swear991229It's my last try . . .91091235full124125126127128(Chris)9And we'll talk about leaving…97…town12977757130(Rodger Harmony)=120109109And we'll talk…109…about131109109109leaving town . . .9813299133Change tuning (R)
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