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eBGDAE1SampleI'm from New Jersey and I'm=1407575323442proud about it=14032203I love the garden=1407771094state=14085=1408I'm from New Jersey and we7875856brag about it=14078857I think it's simply=140555328great=14039All of the other states through=140757532310out the nation=140322011Arn't even part a=14077710912song=14088813but I'll take New Jersey=140888687for…8…New14Jersey is mine=1407886cos as I planned thats where I'm87315=1408887516from=1403317Intro=1901819202122232425Riff 12627282930313233Verse 1There was a time when I could999999934say it right to you that I would9999999935never want to leave this place777771081036but now its12121237I was wrong, dont wanna fucking910999389talk about it cos it999999939feels like things have changed777108104012I could101241talk talk talk and say I'm91012121042wrong wrong wrong12910but I101043feel I'm in a place . . .12121212121044I've never known910101045There's something wrong1010101010something wrong71046something wrong10710and I9947know . . . 109129121048I don't wanna know!91012101049Chorus 1And I'm feeling like I'm9910501071051never going back now9999912I'm never…10…going back now5277759121053and I'm991054feeling like I'm9121055Never going back again10107710569121057Never going back again1210121012712710105889101291059Riff 29106061626364656667Verse 2There was a time when I would999999968say I must be crazy I would9999999969say this place is looking strange777771081070but now it's12121271I'm kinda lost9109and I9972just don't remember9999999cos…9…things never stay the same73777108107412I could101275talk talk talk and say I'm91012121076wrong wrong wrong12910but I101077feel I'm in a place . . .12121212121078I've never known910101079There's something wrong1010101010something wrong71080something wrong10710and I9981know . . . 109129121082I don't wanna know!91012101083Chorus 2And I'm feeling like I'm9910841071085never going back now99999121086I'm never going back now77759121087and I'm991088feeling like I'm9121089Never going back again10107710909121091Never going back again1210121012712710109289101291093Breakdown910949596979899100101102103104105106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122123124125Chorus 3And I'm feeling like I'm991012610710127never going back now9999912I'm never going back now10128777591210129and I'm9910130feeling like I'm91210131Never going back again1010771013291210133Never going back again121012101271271010134891012910135Outro9101361371381012139Again . . . 910140141142GO!13143144145=150146Change tuning (R)
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