eBGDAE1Hello six pack of confidence=165999964429full93Been so many nights since we first met999799410995Glad to see you brought999966all your friends979For another night of69799798Plastic cup politics1010997991011121314151617Verse 1Hello Mr. Six pack of confidence99997187979619I'm glad to see you've already met996102099779219Miss twelves ounces99722of lonliness7979623and Mr. Plastic Cup Politics99692499911259I see you're under the…99…influense26779796279of warm beer and the comfort10101010281010of all your friends97792999and I see, Mr. Loud Mouth99730799631has had his fourty969632Ounce and will pass out10796977433Chorus 19734I have no doubt96991011359936So drop your plastic cups669672379494729638Clear your clouded head1071071079939964041Verse 2I keep asking myself if they realise999997427979643that their fears are really just the same as mine99961044109977945Do they know how9999746Their insecurities7979647are the same ones I have99694899inside of91149me7fullfull950cos people come and go77797951Do they know they're really not alone?10101010105210999753and the life of the party just left999754799655I guess I couldn't cure his emptiness96965610796977457Chorus 29758like all the rest96991011599960So drop your plastic cups and…669672…clear619494729662your clouded head10710710799639664Clear you clouded heads7696577665Breakdown526667686970717273Middle 8Here we are77another wasted977night and I am right along the side9747797797597677fourty sets of blood shot eyes7492749278749274979and plastic smiles miles wide10979809match plastic cups we leave behind697811097982983Chorus 3Woahhhh . . 7957498459465977854986It's just another69787night of plastic cup politics797957498810910910910910118999909(Plastic cup politics)1099799192(Plastic cup politics)910997993949(Plastic cup politics)10997995969(Plastic cup politics) So drop your1096497749979plastic cups and clear your clouded heads9799810101099992100