Life So Far Mark Makary - Faithful Eyes Chords

No chord
Standard guitar tuning:
Capo on 3 fret

Verse i

The rain pours down as I look out My blue sky's suddenly a black cloud So I cry but you, you just hold out your hands You can't stop the rain so you sing and dance I see blue skies in your eyes You smell the green grass even in the hard times Now I'm the one who, sees you when you fall And how you, how you, rise up, like you . . . can conquer any wall


Oh o it's all that I can take Oh o to think it's much too late Oh o I see your faithful eyes Although you, are only five And I need those Faithful Eyes

Verse ii

I sought the wrong road, I thought it would be short It was the long road, now I've lost my coarse But you see me, and you see hope when I see fear And you know things, like when my faith disappears




As blue skies fall, so i fall to the ground To think - I could - get lost, So easily at the first sight - of grey - and I'm down But you leap so easily and crawl yet you lead me So speak to me, see through me, cause I'm found, in your eyes, and you see through me It's all that I It's all that I can take Oh o is it much to late (I need your faithful eyes) Although you are only five (only five) (second guitar) It's all I can take (I can take) to think it's much (it's much to late) I need your faithful eyes - (it's all i can take) ooooh It's all I can take - I can take - I can, I know it's not too late (I know it's not too late) For those faithful eyes (I need those faithful eyes) - it's all that I can take (for those faithful eyes) - faithful eyes (I know it's not too late) It's all it's all (it's all that I can take) - It's all it's all I see your hope and faith I see your hope faith I know it's not too late

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