d#A#F#C#G#D#1=954423456789Verse 1Find me here2111011and speak to me225(2)21213I want to feel you225(2)514215I need to hear you2255163517You are the light225518(10)19That's leading me225222021To the place25522(10)23Where I find peace2232224again232526272829Verse 22You are the strength2113031that keeps me walking2255323533You are the hope22553435That keeps me trusting2255363537You are the light225538(10)39Into my soul225224041You are my purpose225542243You're everything223224445Chorus And how can I020246Stand here with you2200247And not be moved221048by you?1149Would you tell me, 020250How could it be225251Any better than this?2221052153Yeah.....53254Interlude55565758Verse 32You calm the storms2115960And you give me rest222526162You hold me in your hands2255632264You won't let me fall222326566You steal my heart225567(10)68And you take my breath away22255693570Would you take me in2225571(10)72Take me25deep-573-er now3574Chorus And how can I020275Stand here with you2200276And not be moved221077by you?1178Would you tell me, 020279How could it be225280Any better than22210811this?1822183'Cause you're all I want6665684BridgeYou're all I need665685You're everything665586Everything65587You're all I want665688You're all I need665689You're everything665590Everything65591You're all I want665692You're all I need665693You're everything665594Everything65695You're all I want665696You're all I need665697Everything65598Everything65699100Chorus And how can I1101101Stand here with you11001102And not be moved1103103by you?11104Would you tell me, 1101105How could it be1101106Any better than111031071this?11108Chorus And how can I1101109Stand here with you11001110And not be moved1103111by you?11112Would you tell me, 1101113How could it be1101114Any better1131115Any better than.....11311116Chorusand how can I0202117Stand here with you22002118And not be moved2210119by you?11120Would you tell me, 0202121How could it be2252122Any better than22210123this?1124Outro125126127128Would you tell me, 0202129How could it be2252130=85Any better than this?222101311132