Standard (EADGBE)

Verse 1

(picking only the root notes)

I could love you

Baby, if you want me to

I could go and fall for you

And never even try, hey, hey

Verse 2

(acoustic guitar only)

I could let you in

Baby, where no-body's been

Yeah, I'm ready and willing

To give this love a try, hey, hey


You're the reason why (Baby you're the only reason why)

Don't wanna say goodnight (Keep kissing me don't wanna say goodnight)

Yeah it feels so right ( Everything is gonna be alright)

You're the reason why, hey, hey

You're the reason why, hey, hey

Verse 3

You're in my head

Like a song I can't forget

Wanna hear it over a--gain

And again hey, hey


(last line only once)

[Instumental break - Chorus] only the first three lines, then hold the G into verse

Verse 1

play the "and never even try" line four times


(last line only once)


(last line four times)

[Repeating outro]

Come on and take my hand

I'm ready and willing

Over and over again