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I'm Sexy and I Know It Drum Tab
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  • Because I'm here to maintain tabs. Trying to let other people look up what they want to.
    Apr 08, 2012 by CharmlessCoin
  • Why so serious?
    Apr 08, 2012 by Zeke
  • Really guys, you have to grow up. Rolled back to the original version.
    Apr 06, 2012 by MetalFrancis
  • Sir Che, this tab it's incorrect, it's only stupid metalcore. This it's symphonic metal. If you don't like LMFAO, and you think Nightwish it's better then LMFAO, Why you fix that? Really stupid kid.. Haha.. Pathetic.
    Apr 06, 2012 by Zeke
  • Can you just leave this alone? Nightwish are better than this, yes, but you're just being an utter cunt. If people like this, great. Let them. If they did this to your music, you'd be outraged, so just leave it the fuck alone, you pathetic scum.
    Apr 06, 2012 by Che Rorinho
  • Wait.. Don't post tabs with fucking metalcore, poser of shit..
    Apr 06, 2012 by Zeke
  • this site is ok
    Apr 06, 2012 by giacomo floridia
  • Rolled back vandalism
    Apr 05, 2012 by Denis
  • Haha.. Well.. This tab sucks, and the other too, the only thing right in the other tab, it's the ending..
    Apr 05, 2012 by Zeke
  • That's not the tab, you utter mong. Just because you don't like something does not mean you have any sort of right to be a monumental dick head. You do that well enough without having the right.
    Apr 03, 2012 by Che Rorinho
    Apr 03, 2012 by Zeke
  • Leave it the fuck alone, and grow the fuck up.
    Apr 03, 2012 by Che Rorinho
  • Fixed the tab.
    Apr 03, 2012 by Zeke
  • Good tab!
    Apr 01, 2012 by Zeke
  • Initial revision
    Feb 21, 2012 by rafael