eBGDAE1Intro=9044234567Verse 1I hate waiting around for you to come for me4242868686757575756464758I ain’t waiting around for you to comfort me4242868686757575756464759I am taking a stand today, it’s going down42428686867575757564647510I am planting my feet firmly against the ground42428686867575757564647511 I ain’t sitting around while you belittle me42428686867575757564647512I can’t stand you no more, why won’t you let me be4242868686757575756464421314ChorusI’ll be gone tomorrow just wait and see4242424231313131313115Walking out, don’t bother coming after me646464644242424242424216Don’t you cry, after all you’ve done to me424242423131313131313117Turn around, I don’t want to see you weep646464424242424242421819Verse 2Now I’m gone,424286you track me down, you’re stalking me867575757564647520Said you’re sorry and you can’t live with out me424286867575757564646421Make me promises you know that you can’t keep424286867575757564647522All your lies and words they don’t mean shit to me424286867575757564646423 Go away, I want nothing to do with you424286867575757564647524While you’re here I am nothing but blue424286867575757564422526ChorusPlease be gone and stay the fuck away from me424242423131313131313127Walk out now, don’t bother coming back for me646464644242424242424228Don’t you cry, after all you’ve done to me424242423131313131313129Turn around, I don’t want to see you weep646464424242424242423031Guitar Solo3233343536373839ChorusNow you’re gone and I can finally live in peace424242423131313131313140 With out you I’m feeling better about me646464644242424242424241I’m alone, better than when you’re with me4242423131313131313142Glad you’re gone, now I can live happily646464424242424242424344OutroGone5345Gone20Gone5346Gone204748