M2M - Payphone Text Guitar Tab

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"Payphone" by M2M.  From the album "The Big Room" (2002).
Tabbed by Medalion (medalionemissary@hotmail.com).

This is a piano song, you can barely hear the guitar in this song.  
So I apologise if the guitar "riffs" don't sound
exactly like the song, because they are piano parts actually.


(First is acapella singing the nah nah nah parts in Am7, Am7, A, A manner...)

Piano riff for guitar 1:  @
  Am7			  @
B--1-			  @
G-0-- (let them ring)     @
Piano riff for guitar 1b: @
 Am7			  @
B-1-			  @
G--0 (let them ring)      @
Piano riff for guitar 2:  @
  A			  @
B--2  			  @
G-2- (let them ring)      @
Piano riff for guitar 2b: @
B-2-                      @
G--2 (let them ring)      @

(Then the piano and acoustic, and bass kicks in...)

Am7                 *Piano riff for guitar 1*
Nah nah nah nah nah

Am7                 *Piano riff for guitar 1b*
Nah nah nah nah nah

A 		    *Piano riff for guitar 2*
Nah nah nah nah nah

A		    *Piano riff for guitar 2b*
Nah nah nah nah nah

Am7      *riff 1*                            	    *riff 1b* A           A       Am7...
Just cry,         you don't have to hide it from me,          rely on me (rely on me)

Am7        Am7      *riff 2*                            *riff 2b* A
Just cry, (just cry)         even if you don't know why,          rely on me


G               D                A     G           D           A
That's what you said but I don't know, I'm walking here so all alone

G                 D           A    G                      D     
I wanna hear your voice right now, I'm looking for it all around

A                      G        D           A (then quickly back to Am7 A progression with the nah nah nah's)
I really need to find a paaaaay-phooooooooone...

Piano Solo tabbed for guitar (may not be 100% correct but is very close):
 Am7   A                         Am7      A
e----|-5-5-5------------|----------|----|-5-5-5------------ (play notes softly, and let them ring!)

That's pretty much it.