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eBGDAE1=74442345678910Feelin' so confused74747411You dont know what to do22240412Afraid she might not love you anymore0235752321314And though she says she does74747415And hasn't lost your trust22240416Who could that be knockin' at her door?0235752321718Must be another one7452745241021920Must be another one she loves7452745241024202211222232425262728293031The feelin' never stops74747432And neither does the clock22240433Wishin' for tomorrow today023575323435She still says she's true74747436So you start comin' to22240437Just as that old knockin' comes to stay0235752323839Must be another one7452745241024041Must be another one she loves745274524102420242143244Change tuning (R)