eBGDAE1=13344234567891011121314151617You could be the one in my dreams101212121210101218You could be much more than you seem101212131513121219Anything I’ve wanted in life101212121210101220Do you understand what I mean?101212121210101221I can see that this could be hate101212131513121222I can love you more than they hate101212131513121223Doesn't matter who they will blame101212121212101224We can beat them at their own game101212121210101225I can see it in your eyes101213121013261227I doesn’t come as’a suprise99101210912281029I've seen you dancing like a star10101213121013301231No matter how different we are1012121210109321033For all this time1017133412I've been loving you101235131210Don't even know your name10123613101537For just one night1517183817We could be the same15173918171540No mater what they say131210841104243444546474849And feel I’m turning the page1012121210101250And I feel the world is a stage101212131513121251I don’t think the drama will stop101212121210101252I don’t think they’ll give up the rage101212121210101253But I know the world could be great101212131513121254But I know the world could be great101212131513121255Doesn’t matter who they will blame101212121212101256We can beat them at their own game101212121210101257I can see it in your eyes101213121013581259I doesn’t come as’a suprise99101210912601061I've seen you dancing like a star10101213121013621263No matter how different we are1012121210109641065For all this time1017136612I've been loving you101267131210Don't even know your name10126813101569For just one night1517187017We could be the same15177118171572No mater what they say131210873107475767778798081For all this time1017138212I've been loving…1012…you83131210Don't even know your name10128413101585For just one night1517188617We could be the…1517…same8718171588No mater what they say13121088910890No mater what they say131210891109293No mater what they say894131210895101719179619We could be the same171317189720No mater what they say89813121089910101010