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eBGDAE1intro=9644234567verse 1The13gap that018grows between our865659livesThe5gap our55510parents3never13111hadStop those35612thoughts control your531113mindReplace the113414things that you des-113015piseOh you're30116oldI0hear you30117sayIt1doesn't31818mean that I don't656519careI5don't be-35620lieve in it55any-3121more1Pathetic12322acts for a33worthless3023cause124pre-chorusIn the be-333525ginning3126when we were111327winning1028when our33129smiles were genu-030230ine3132In the be-558533ginning3134when we were000335winning1036when our33137smiles were genu-030238ine3940chorusBut now unfor-301041given1the142ever-535143lasting3ever-31344lasting345464748verse 2The13world is0149full of86refu-56550geesThey're just like555551you and just like313152meBut as35653people we have a531154choiceTo end the113455void with1all its13056forceSo don't for-30157get or0don't pre-30158tendIt's all13the1859same now in the656560endIt3was5661said in a55different3162life1Destroys my12363days and haunts my33064nights165pre-chorusIn the be-333566ginning3167when we were111368winning1069when our33170smiles were genu-030271ine7273In the be-558574ginning3175when we were000376winning1077when our33178smiles were genu-030279ine8081chorusBut now unfor-301082given1the183ever-535184lasting3ever-31385lasting386878889guitar solo90919293949596979899100101102103104105pre-chorusIn the be-3335106ginning31107when we were1113108winning10109when our331110smiles were genu-0302111ine112113In the be-5585114ginning31115when we were0003116winning10117when our331118smiles were genu-0302119ine120121chorusBut now unfor-3013122given30the1123ever-5351124lasting3ever-313125lasting3126127128129But now unfor-3013130given30the1131ever-5351132lasting3ever-313133lasting31351343131351361371381391401411421431441451 Add comment2 Add comment3 Add comment4 Add comment5 Add comment6 Add comment7 Add comment8 Add comment9 Add comment10 Add comment11 Add comment12 Add comment13 Add comment14 Add comment15 Add comment16 Add comment17 Add comment18 Add comment19 Add comment20 Add comment21 Add comment22 Add comment23 Add comment24 Add comment25 Add comment26 Add comment27 Add comment28 Add comment29 Add comment30 Add comment31 Add comment32 Add comment33 Add comment34 Add comment35 Add comment36 Add comment37 Add comment38 Add comment39 Add comment40 Add comment41 Add comment42 Add comment43 Add comment44 Add comment45 Add comment46 Add comment47 Add comment48 Add comment49 Add comment50 Add comment51 Add comment52 Add comment53 Add comment54 Add comment55 Add comment56 Add comment57 Add comment58 Add comment59 Add comment60 Add comment61 Add comment62 Add comment63 Add comment64 Add comment65 Add comment66 Add comment67 Add comment68 Add comment69 Add comment70 Add comment71 Add comment72 Add comment73 Add comment74 Add comment75 Add comment76 Add comment77 Add comment78 Add comment79 Add comment80 Add comment81 Add comment82 Add comment83 Add comment84 Add comment85 Add comment86 Add comment87 Add comment88 Add comment89 Add comment90 Add comment91 Add comment92 Add comment93 Add comment94 Add comment95 Add comment96 Add comment97 Add comment98 Add comment99 Add comment100 Add comment101 Add comment102 Add comment103 Add comment104 Add comment105 Add comment106 Add comment107 Add comment108 Add comment109 Add comment110 Add comment111 Add comment112 Add comment113 Add comment114 Add comment115 Add comment116 Add comment117 Add comment118 Add comment119 Add comment120 Add comment121 Add comment122 Add comment123 Add comment124 Add comment125 Add comment126 Add comment127 Add comment128 Add comment129 Add comment130 Add comment131 Add comment132 Add comment133 Add comment134 Add comment135 Add comment136 Add comment137 Add comment138 Add comment139 Add comment140 Add comment141 Add comment142 Add comment143 Add comment144 Add comment145 Add commentChange tuning (R)