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Unfold - Marie Digby
I heard this song and thought it was absolutely brilliant.
With her voice it is so emotionally powerful.
So I obv HAD to tab it.
She is definitely going to be very huge.

Cadd9 - 032033
G - 320033
Em - 022033
D - 000323





what i can remember
is alot like water
trickling down a page
of the most beautiful colors
i can't quite put my
finger down on the moment
that i became like ... this

you see, i'm the bravest girl
you will ever come to meet
and yet i shrink down to nothing
at the thought of someone
really seeing me
i think my heart is wrapped around
and tangled up in winding weeds


Strum - Cadd9 G Em D 

But I dont wanna go on living

being so afraid of showing

Em                D 
someone else my.. imperfections

even though my feet are trembling

and every word i say comes stumbling

Em             D                Cadd9
i will bare it all.. watch me unfold

Unfold, Unfold...


Verse 2:


these hands that i hold
behind my back are
bound and broken by my own doing
and i can't feel
anything, anymore
i need a touch to remind me
i'm still real..


verse 3:

   Cadd9      G           Em         D


  Cadd9       G          Em           D


my soul
it's dying to be free
i can't live the rest of my life
so guarded
it's up to me to choose..
what kind of life i lead.


played like'll probably have to mess around with it a little:

i will allow someone to love me
i will allow someone to love me...

love me.. love me...

watch the video here: