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                        DRY LAND (GUITAR SOLO)

The following is my transcription to the guitar solo in the
song Dry Land by Marillion as it appears in the 1991 album
Holidays in Eden.


h       hammer on

p       pull off

b       bend (i.e. bend the note up until you hit the exact note
              following the "b" sign)

r       release (i.e. release the note down to the note following
                 the "r" sign)

s       slide (i.e. pluck the note to the left of the sign "s" and
               slide your finger to the note to the right of the
               sign "s". Do not pluck the note you are sliding to.)

The solo is in D minor. The accompanying chords are Dm, Bb, and C.
These will be indicated at the appropriate places. Also, 4/4 is used.

 Dm                 Bb          C
(You may wish to hammer to 11 from 10 [the very first two notes]
 instead of plucking 11 separately.)

    Dm                  Bb               C

(You may wish to release the last three bends instead of plucking the
 note following the bends.)

Well, there it is...

Yaman Aksu
The Johns Hopkins University
The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Baltimore, Maryland 21218