Marilyn Manson - Learning To Swim Text Guitar Tab

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          This one of the best Manson song ever!!!!!
          Only "Man that you fear" and "Coma white" beats this one!!!!
          I think this is correct. and the intro I'm 100% on!
          and don't try to copy this song! I know i was the first one to tab it!
          This song has ALOT of littel solos, I will trie to tab them all...

This intro rocks!)




This part was where hard to hear)
          Palm muted
You can hear it in the begning of the verse)


Solo 2
just play this note realy fast and use alot of vibrations)

Solo 3
This the big one, you can do it, it is easy)



          Now you are wondering were the rest of this fucking solo is...
          Well, I can hear what the F*ck Daisy is playing?
          Do it your self!
          I have done the hardest parts the rest is of the solo
          Daisy is just holding a coupel of notes...

Solo 4
This while the intro riff is playing again)
          First they play the old solo part...


          Then a new solo bit...


          Play the last tones over again...

          9 June 2001 15.37