Matt Maher - Rise Up Chords

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Verse 1

When you see the road ahead

that you've been down before

When you're half way to no where

and you can't pay the toll

Cont. pattern

You're hanging onto mercy

withered on the vine

With your feet on the ground, your head in the clouds

and your heart on the line


Open up your eyes


You've got to rise up (rise up)

when this life has got you down

You've got to look up (look up)

when you search & nothings found

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the love that's here and now

It's coming down

So rise up now.

Verse 2

Main progression (IV, I, vi, V)

When your told that day is over (IV > I)

long after the sun goes down (vi > V)

And your mind it keeps on racing (IV > I)

at the dreams that don't come 'round (vi > V)

When you don't know how to surrender (IV > I)

'Cause your whole life's been a fight (vi > V)

When the dark holds you and you can't break through (IV > I)

cause you haven't seen the light. (vi > V)

Open up your eyes


And all the lambs roar like lions

And all the prisoners breaking their chains

And all the poor find their treasure

Cause heaven is coming this way. x2