eBGDAE1Intro=2004423456789Do do do do do . . . Do!10101010910131110Do do do do do . . . Do!101010912131310Do do do do do . . . Do!1010109141315Ahh (Ahh) (Ahh)1211161017Verse 1She's got a lip ring1210810188and 510819colours in her hair1010108101010812102021Not into fashion1210810228but I love the clothes she wears1082310101081010101011122425Her tatoos always hanging121081026810827by her underwear10101081010108121028She don't care . . .910789102930111231Chorus 1 Everybody109121232wants to know her119128933name (e-ame e-ame e-ame)7128971289712348971235I threw a house party10912123611912She8937Came (e-ame e-ame e-ame)7128971289712388971239Everyone asks me10101291240Who the hell is…12…she?41991211942That wierdo with 5943109121044colours in her hair10912945Int 1104647Verse 2She's just a loner1210810488with a sexy attitude108491010108101010812105051I'd like to phone1210810528her cos she10853puts me in the mood10101081010101011125455The rumours spreading round121081056810857that she cooks in the nude10101081010108121058She don't care . . .910789105960She don't care . . .111291011126111126263Chorus 2 Everybody109121264wants to know her1191289name (e-ame e-ame e-ame)657128971289712668971267How does she cope with her109121268new found119128969fame (e-ame e-ame e-ame)7128971289712708971271Everyone asks me101012912721273Who the hell is she?991211974That wierdo with 5 colours in her hair97510912107610912977Interlude 210787980She was all I91210981thought about121010The girl I couldn't live without10821210998391012841085and then she went insane10128681087Breakdown12She couldn't take the…12…fame881112111212899091She said I was to blame (e-ame)129211121412129314129495510She'd had (Ahh)12996enough (Ahh)7121297and shaved the 5 colours (Ahh)89912998 off and now (Ahh)1011129991312121089100She's just a wierdo with10101210110910212no name91010310full104Build Up105106107108109110111112Chorus 3Everybody wants to know1091212113her1191289114name (e-ame e-ame e-ame)712897128971211589712116How does she cope with her new found10912121171191289118fame (e-ame e-ame e-ame)712897128971211989712120Everyone I see101012912121says who the hell is…12…she?1229912119123That wierdo with 5 91241091210125colours in her109129126hair1012712121 2 3 4!1212128OutroDo do do do do . . . Do!1010101091291313010Do do do do do . . . Do!101010913113132Do do do do do . . . Do!101010109133131341012Do! (ooh ooh!)910135=10079