eBGDAE1=130442345Verse 1Recently I've been . . .34666673Hopelessly reaching . . .466688698out to this girl . . .886810who's out of this world . . .8686611believe me . . .8612133She's got a boyfriend . . .46661415He drives me round the bend . . .46668166178He's twenty three . . .886818He's in the marines8686He'd kill…6…me19862021BridgeSo many nights now868622423I find myself thinking about868624663425her now . . .8266cos obviously4628161627Chorusshe's out of my league164628162828but how can I win164628162829she keeps dragging me in26262628263830and I know I36363836317Ne - ver will be66632good e - nough for her76628163316Oh no . . .4534357Ne - ver will be 66636good e - nough for her7662816373839Verse 23Gotta escape now46664041get on a plane now3466642Oh Yeah!776438Off to LA8868448that's where I'll stay686for two…66…years4578664647Bridge 2Put it behind me8686484Backing (Put it behind me)6444496Go to some place868650 where she can't find me!6634518526cos obviously4628161653Chorus 2She's out of my league164628162854I'm wasting my time164628162855cos she'll never be mine262626282638563636and I know I383657ne - ver will be766658good e - nough for her766281659Oh no164560617Ne - ver will be66662good e - nough for her76628166364She's outta my hands . . .6686865Middle 865and I6666ne - ver know where I stand666646723cos I'm not6868696good enough for her86867071good enough for her66668726Backing (Enough, enough enough for her . . . )66647376767475Good enough for he - e - e - r . . .6666767Backing (Good enough for her)11116108677678cos obviously64628161679Chorus 3she's out of my league164628162880I'm wasting my time164628162881cos she'll never be mine26262628263882and I know I3636383683ne - ver will be766684Backing (Good enough for her . . . )76646cos obviously28161685Chorus 4she's out of my league164628162886but how can I win164628162887she keeps dragging me in2626262826388836and I know I36383689Ne - ver will be766690Backing (Good enough for her . . . )76646Cos obviously28161691Chorus 5she's out of my league164628162892I'm wasting my time164628162893cos she'll never be mine2626262826389436and I know I36383695ne - ver will be766696good enough for her766281697No No . . .16459899Ne - ver will be=11027262646100good enough for=9055442622101her . . .=7016