Standard (EADGBE)

Her name was Joanne and she lived in the meadow

by a pond.

And she touched me for a moment with a look that

spoke to me of her sweet love.

Then the woman that she was drove her on with desperation,

And I saw, as she went, a most hopeless situation,

for Joanne and the man, and the times that made

them both run.

She was only a girl..I know that well, but still

I could not see.....

That the hold that she had was much stronger than

the love she felt for me.

But with her, and my little bit of wisdom,

broke down her desires like a light through a prism,

into yellows and blues and a tune that I could

not have sung.

Though the essence is gone, I have no tears to

cry for her.

And my only thoughts of her are kind.


For Joanne and the man and the times that made

them both run.(x2)(Fade)

A seventies smash from Kraziekhat.