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eBGDAE1=844423456789Feeling I could hold you7771010710and you want me too7710107but711all your broken promises77101079712heartache through and through109710109713looking dor directions7771010714should I go or stay77107715all your broken promises77101079716getting in my way77710109717You're the right kind of77771018lover10719yeah214Aou're looking for7771020cover10721Falling over loosing1097910722try to understand77101079723all your broken promises77101079724getting out of hand10979109725Running out of patience7771010726losing ground for speed77107727all your broken promises77101079728may just kill the need771010729You're the right kind of77771030lover10731oooh9but you're looking for77771032cover10733You're the right kind of lover7777103410735but you're looking for77771036cover10737Head to head810738face to face795full39out of time 810740out of place1010710741back to back1010742we can't fall107743your broken promises888797can744lose it10102445all794446ooh7107947Undecided things88889while9748waiting in the rings88889for the7649start9of the show996to make a66650move and let it flow77779over7751me72452In and out my life88889it974453cuts me like a knife88889heal the7654wound9stop the pain996let out6655spirits flow with the rain777779oh wow7756wow7575859606162636465666768697071727374757677787980Feeling I could hole you1097910781if you want me to771010782all your broken promises77101079783breaking me in two779976984What's the right direction1097910785shall I go or stay141210121086all your broken promises77101079787getting in my way10979109788You're the right kind of77771089lover10790ooh9and I want you to 77771091cover10792You're the right kind of77771093lover10794but you're looking for77771095cover10796Head to head810797face to face795full98out of time810799out of place10107107100back to back10107101we can't fall1077102your broken promises888797103we loose101024104all7944105ooh710791061071071012108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122123124125126Change tuning (R)