eBGDAE1intro=88442345entrée basse batterie6789solo1011121314151617181920212223242526couplet 1 so you cut all the tall trees…22…down27222202028you poisoned the sky and the sea0290000020430you've taken whats good from the ground03122222420332but you left precious little for…22…me330020020434You remember the flood and the fall223502222923336We remember the lights on the hill00370000020438There should be enough for us…2…all39022224240But the dollar is driving us still22410020020442refrain 1The river runs red2222432Black rain falls22442Dust in my hand2224502046River runs red0000473black rain falls2248020On my bleeding hands00004942050So we came and conquered and…22…found51couplet 2222202052Riches of commons and kings0530000020454Who strangled and wrestled the ground05522222420356but they never pay back…22…anything570020020458Now i'm trrapped like a dog in a cage225902222923360Wherever the truth is pursued00610000020462It must be the curse of the…2…age63022224264What's taken is never renewed22650020020466refrain 2river runs red2222672black rain falls22682Dust in my hand2226902070River runs red0000713black rain falls2272020on my bleeding land00007342074(Repeat till end)222275220762022227702078000079322800000081final320382383200840385200860387200880389200900391200920393200940395200960397200980Change tuning (R)