eBGDAE1Intro=65442431er CoupletThe Last That Ever She Saw Him55754224Carried Away By The Moonlight Shadow445757447045He Passed On Worried And Warning55754226Carried Away By The Moonlight Shadow44575744707Lost In A River Last Saturday Night447542022428Far Away On The Other Side4002222029He Was Caught In The Middle Of A Desperate Fight447542024202410She Couldn't Find How To Push Through004424024112ème CoupletThe Trees That Whisper In The Evening557542212Carried Away By The Moonlight Shadow4457574470413Sing A Song Of Sorrow And Grieving557542214Carried Away By The Moonlight Shadow445757447015All She Saw Was A Silhouette Of A Gun475420224216Far Away On The Other Side40022220217He Was Shot Six Times By A Man On The Run447542024202418She Couldn't Find How To Push Through0044240219RefrainI Stay42I Pray420220I See You In Heaven Far Away47542024221I Stay42I Pray420222I See You In Heaven One Day47542242233ème CoupletFour AM In The Morning557542224Carried Away By The Moonlight Shadow4457574470425I Watched Your Vision Forming557542226Carried Away By The Moonlight Shadow445757447027Star Was Light In A Silvery Night475420224228Far Away On The Other Side40022220229Will You Come To Talk To Me This Night447542024202430She Couldn't Find How To Push Through0044240231RefrainI Stay42I Pray420232I See You In Heaven Far Away47542024233I Stay42I Pray420234I See You In Heaven One Day4754224735Solo Clean3637383940Far Away On The Other Side40022224142Solo Overdrive434445460247Caught In The Middle Of A Hundred And Five44754202242480249The Night Was Heavy But The Air Was Alive447542024202And450She Couldn't Find How To Push Through0044240251Outro52Carried Away By The Moonlight Shadow44575244205354Carried Away By The Moonlight Shadow44575244205556Carried Away By The Moonlight Shadow44575244205758Carried Away By The Moonlight Shadow4457524420