eBGDAE1IntroduηγoPress F5=165442345Verso 1after twelve0226not so well0227won't pretend 0228it's too soon to 42209tell... what's55510'round this bend...402111213no disgrace02214about face02215anything 02216not have to 422017chase you 55518down again.4291975202you know 421Prι-refrγonothing hurts like losing5544222when you 200223know it's really 0202424gone except20425 for the pain of540426 choosin to hold540227 too long424528I tried it55529Refrγoyour way54430but I got 44431nothing to show42232it's been the 55533same same402340and the0235story's getting old 44442236so I guess the 455537 driveway54438will be the 44439end of the road422240for us is55541too late 40242 let the 00243credits start to roll44442244wooahh!42045Pausa46474849verso 2 a lot to say02250but not today02251let the02252radio break the422053silence 554as we drive402555657a kiss goodbye02258not this time02259don't remember02260what about this422061song I55562ever liked4296375642you know 465Prι-refrγonothing hurts like losing5544266when you 200267know I'm already0202468gone exceŽ20469 for the pain of540470 choosin to hold540271 too long424572I tried it55573Refrγoyour way54474but I got 44475nothing to show42276it's been the 55577same same402780and the0279story's getting old 44442280so I guess the 455581 driveway54482will be the 44483end of the road422284for us is55585too late 40286 let the 00287credits start to roll44442288wooahh!42089PonteI thought maybe we were0444490getting somewhere44491but we're still424492nowhere at all247493I watched your tail0444494lights fading44495I try but it still Ž��tΤq��������424496solo2297I remember what Ž��tΤq������������������������€C<CψB΄BpB,B��044449844499to know love and have taken aŽ��t42441002474101I can't think of what04444102I learned right now But I'llŽ�444103thanking you Ž��tΤq������������������������θ € 244104541050106107108109110111112I tried it555113refrγoyour way544114but I got 444115nothing to show422116it's been the 555117same same4051180and the02119story's getting old 444422120so I guess the 4555121 driveway544122will be the 444123end of the road4222124for us is555125too late 402126 let the 002127credits start to roll444422128wooahh!420129encerramento130131132133134let the 02135credits start to roll444422136so I guess the455137driveway !547138139140will be 244141the end of the road Ž��tΤq�����������������t°4222441424220143144145146147148149150151152Change tuning (R)