Standard (EADGBE)

Do you remember Fazil's friend?

He used to live in the house of blend,

he told a story of his life,

about a fork and knife.

He said when he was 22,

he was mostly feeling blue.

I wonder what he's up to now,

if he's changed somehow?

Did he ever find his way to the greener side?

Or did he get his dreams denied?

I'm not the same, the years have passed.

It kind of scares me how it went so fast.

This brand new game, will I surpass?

When all I wanted was to make it last.



It's a brand new game and not quite what i thought.

I can't remain the same but still achieve a lot.

It's a brand new game and who will I surpass?

With one foot stuck in the past? can I ever make it last?