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eBGDAECapo 2nd fret1Intro=1000302442I wanna say something but it's not203030033new033314I've always loved you and you133033235knew03026but i don't know why now203030037033318you leave me, please tell me1330332how?39010231011221012011222202202132010100114Vocals 1Please tell me why2010100115you were so indifferent?2010100116I was always lovin u,2210120117don't tell me you didn't see it2210120118I always waited for you2010100119but i didn't knew,2010100120When you left me,2010100121you were with someone new201010012223030224VerseI've always forgived 2030300325you ...0333126Just like a true 2444444friend ...427030228But you didn't see2030300it ...3290444230Or just tried to2444444pretend…4…...310102332Bridge333535636334653565363511130233637664634138111343110313911130234041422010100143Vocals 1 (RE)Please tell me why2010100144you were so indifferent?2010100145I was always lovin u,2210120146don't tell me you didn't see it2210120147I always waited for you2010100148but i didn't knew,2010100149When you left me,2010100150you were with someone new201010015152Outro030253203030035403331551330332356030257And i don't know why now20303003580333159you left me, would you tell me1330332360how...?030261Change tuning (R)
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