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AHW - Hey Hey Hey
Guitar and Lyrics

OK Here is my band. It is a local band in Pueblo, Colorado. It is a damn good band.
Here is our best song with the lyrics.
      G             F             E             D
|-0---0---0-----0---0---0-----0---0---0-----3---3---3-|  x3

      G                 F                            E             D
Hey Hey Hey, I wanna fuck you in your ass.  I want your tits, to be all mine
      G                 F                      E                 D
Hey hey hey, Your ass is so beautiful, I want your tities, to be all mine
      G                             F                            E
I wrote this song, so hopefully i would get some head, I have loss things to
say, my friend Jordan is really gay.

I think that those are the right chords but the tabs are definetly right.