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DISTRICT 24 - 250

This is the whole song. (This song was made for the lyrics, not really the music.)



As you cram
Nothing can ever make it
This feels as if it never ends
Being all by yourself
Makes you feel alone
But don't give up now
As someone out there
Will find you somehow

Because as it drags on
And it seems nobody cares
about what you do
you feel freed but still
Stuck in this prison.

As I sit here
All by myself
It seems as if no one cares
You feel leftout, alone, and on your own
... ...
But never forget
What happened here
You sit there
Laughing at yourself
Feeling pathetic
Feeling stupid
With your hands
in your pockets
You feel like an idiot

But hey, don't
Beat yourself up
'Cause one day this
Will all be over
and you'll get you wanted...

(Play run one time slow.)