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My Heart Is Beating - Greg Cartwright

On the Mary Weiss album , it's played in B
I tabbed this off of Greg playing it live, which
can be seen here:  http://youtube.com/watch?v=NPjFDt4exeg
I also just tabbed "Stop, and think it over"  under the
"Compulsive Gamblers."  thanks

Intro :  A, A A D E, E E


A                 E
when i held you close
that's when i knew
you shook me through and through
Bm                 F#m
i couldn't let you go
    D                  E
and i couldn't let it show

now this whole worlds unfair
i know it's true
what can i do
one day you'll be free
you'll come running to me
until then...


my heart, is beating, it's beating baby,
i know that you've been cheating but
if I take you back, you gotta walk a straight narrow track,
                                              D    D   A   A   E
I said, if I take you back, I want to know, you'll be good to me

when i see you on the street
i look away
what can i say
things being what they were
i still belong to her

and she got herself a good man
yes she's got me
but she just don't see
that my love is fading fast
now how long can it last
when my heart...


A G#m F#m                C#m
       do you still want me
Bm            A
i still want you
F#m               C#m
time will set us free
but i can't take it
i know i can't make it
      D                          E
you know i won't make it without you

solo, then chorus once more