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Tab for - Hot Machines , Can't Feel


 Alot of people want to know how to play the song from Gareth Stehr's part in "That's 
this band are incredible, so after learning this song please check out 
for more great music..



     From there just play the following chords. D, A, C, G .. and repeat!

 I'm not very good knowing which chords are which so I apologise if it's actually A#m or something..

Use your little finger to pinch the third fret on the E string when you need to when 
the D chord.

               It's very easy, I've tabbed the intro the EXACT way that it's played, 
by string, note for note.

 If there are any mistakes or you can clue me up as to the proper names of these chords 
please do, I only know the basics :-(

 My email address is possum_y3k@hotmail.com