Misc. Unsigned Bands - If I Should Die - Rare Text Guitar Tab

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made the tablature from the piano music. also wrote up the lyrics myself cause i 
find them anywhere.

standard tuning.

D|--------------|---------------|  x2





If I should die


Verse One
Ooh yeah yeah
Time, what a wonderful thing
(If I should die)
If I should die
 I wish to sing you a song
Play it down and let you know
Who I was all along
Thanks to everyone for putting up with me
I made my share of mistakes in this life that I lead

So what if I tried to hard I just wanna be loved
I had my questions and doubts when I looked up above
But I know you exist
Why would you abandon me
I never saw your face but there were times when you touched me

I can’t wait to see you but I feel now is not the time
I need to prevail and conquer what’s mine
But if you feel you need to tell me
I suggest that you do so
For now i shall fight all my battles on my own

There’s too much work to do
I can sleep when I’m dead
Get rid of this alcohol that’s eating my head
I wanna be as close to perfect as I can be
Capture serenity and leave this world complete

And I’ll never be a star mother**** the fame
At least i know it in my heart
cause I’ll never be the same
I just visualize my unborn child’s eyes
So I sacrifice to give him a better life

I just wanna see redemption cause I ain’t never been happy
I hide from this world, cause i don’t think they understand me
They’ll never figure out as hard as i fight
I guess they hear it through the air of the night


If i should die
I thank the lord above for helping me through this day
So many things to do in life
(so many words to say)
And i forbid if anything should happen to me
(if i should die)
So much to live for and my life is incomplete
So much to work for
(man that you can’t defeat)
And it’s a world that really makes you think sometimes
(if i should die)

Verse 2

Hours later i see images coming slowly
Photographic memories of me being a little showy
Talk about mr ignorant, mr remorse
‘Live for today’
And i was like ‘f**k tomorrow’

I ain’t gonna lie scarred so many famous innocence
The crazy lady it gets fatal
When a girl talks about suicide
 saying if she can’t have me she would rather die

So i hold her to her words and i hold her tight
And i told her ‘baby girl i ain’t worth your life
If it was meant to be, you would be my wife
You can’t solve situations by ending your life

If only death’s the answer to all the questions
I would leave the damn world in a few seconds
That’s not what god intended i’m here for a reason
So many have died and i’m still breathing

But then again you can’t predict fate
Cause when it’s your time to go, there’s no escape
I thank the lord for getting my father through surgery
It was the most critical point in my life that really hurt me

I was on both knees begging for forgiveness
I asked god to take my life instead of his
Crucial moments like this is what makes you say why or wonder

If i should die


Verse 3

6/25/84 i was brought to earth
My parents made me carry (?)  on the day of my birth
My mom almost got deceased when she had me
But she stayed strong and fought and fought
And she recovered it

First time my aunts and uncles they said i was the chosen one
I feel blessed to know i was the lucky one
The third oldest son
That’d do anything for them
When they get older

At the age of 6 a lady tried to poison me
She poured Mr. Clean in my milk to see if i would collapse but i didn’t
You know who you are and i told my parents that you got to bitchin

5 years later the best time of my life
Became a naughty boy but everything was all tight
A group of boys and girls taking the bus to Jackson park
Walking around the sand until its dark

At the age of 17 the worst time of my life
Somebody very special left me and my friends behind
I looked up to him he was my idol
I see my mom cry every night
Even i cry sometimes

And now that i’m at the age of 20
I gotta stay strong hoping nothing bad will go wrong
And i’m always looking positive
But there ain’t nothing much you could do

If i should die