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                        Only In My Dreams – New Xpreshn

Tabbed by: Matthew Price
Email: pricey_91@hotmail.com

This band is quite new from Sydney Australia, they have some amazing talent and some
awesome songs that have a cool new style. This song was written by the band quite
recently and is on there new album. Look out for more new stuff from “New Xpreshn”.

Tuning: Standard
Capo on 4th
Tempo: 150 (quite fast)

Intro (play twice)


| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off

Verse 1  (play above)

I know that we
Are young
Our time may have 
Only just begun
But it wouldn’t be smart
For us to go and waste the start
Because we know that it will someday
Come to and endin’

Verse 2  (play above)
And when we look back on out lives
The fact may well arise
That the time we spent when we were young 
Was the best time of our lives
And I think that you will find 
That your all that’s on my mind 
And I don’t think I could go on livin’
Wishin’ that I’d tried

Pre Chorus (part 1)
      G                   Am
To tell you how I feel
                     F                 C
It’s like I’m not behind the wheel
                            G           Am
Because you’ve taken over me
                F          C
But I’m livin’ in a dream

Pre Chorus (part 2)
          C                  G
And only in my dreams
Am                F
only in my dreams
            C                  G
cause only in my dreams
         Am                  F
can I see you out in front with me
              C                            G
and if  I let my dreams be dreams
                  Am                   F
then that’s all they’ll ever be
          C                      G
but I don’t want to go on livin in
          Am                       F
these crazy dreamt up scenes

  C         G
So baby
              Am         F
Come to me and see
                 C      G                      Am
That baby I want something else
In my dreams
        C         G
And maybe
              Am                 F
you will see and we’ll be
      C            G
together outside of my 
 Am                F
comforting dream


That’s it for any questions or corrections email me on nah_ur_a_gimp@hotmail.com 
or pricey_91@hotmail.com